Researching Your Scholarly Paper

Dorie Bertram & Katrina Stierholz
Washington University Law Library, St. Louis MO
© 2000

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Table of Contents

Researching Your Scholarly Paper

Are you Confused?


Sorry, No One Stop Shopping

Why Start your Research with Secondary Sources?

Identifying Secondary Sources

The Online Catalog

The Online Catalog: What it is Not

The Online Catalog: What It Is

The Online Catalog.Use it to Find:

The Online Catalog:.Three Tiered Search Capability

The Online Catalog: Where to Find It


Full Text Search v. Indexes

Types of Periodical Indexes

Legal Periodical Indexes

Interdisciplinary Periodical Indexes

Government Documents

Finding Government Documents

Primary Sources

Federal Statutes

State Statutes

Federal and State Cases

Citation Indexes

Citation Indexes: When to Use Them

Citation Indexes: Where to Find Them

International Research

Finding Resources on the Internet

Strategies for Special Topics

Finding Materials in the Law Library: Key Locations

Materials not in the Law Library

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