Rethinking Equality in the Global Society

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A. Conference Information

  1. Conference Agenda
  2. Biographies of Conference Participants
  3. Addresses of Conference Participants

B. Conference Transcripts

C. India

  1. Cunningham & Menon, "Seeking Equality in Multicultural Societies" (Discussion draft prepared specifically for the conference)
  2. Appendices to Cunningham & Menon
  3. Srinivas, "The Pangs of Change" (reprinted from Frontline, August 22, 1997)
  4. Srinivas, "Caste: A Systemic Change"
  5. Reddy, "Equality and Social Justice" (Discussion draft prepared specifically for the conference)
  6. Parikh, The Politics of Preference (excerpts from Chapter 1, "Introduction," and Chapter 8, "Conclusion")

D. South Africa

  1. Selected Provisions of the South African Constitution
  2. K. Govender, "Equality--The South African Perspective" (Discussion draft prepared specifically for the conference)
  3. Motala v University of Natal, 3 BCLR 374 (S. Ct. Durban & Coast Div. 1995) (challenge by unsuccessful Indian applicant to medical school preferences for Africans)
  4. President vs. Hugo, 6 BCLR 708 (Const. Ct.) (18 April 1997) (edited) (challenge by male prisoners with children to presidential decree providing early release to female prisoners with children)
  5. Galanter, " The Structure and Operation of an Affirmative Action Programme: An Outline of Choices and Problems (paper prepared for presentation at Affirmative Action in New South Africa, a conference convened by the Constitutional Committee of the African National Congress in October 1991).

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