A key part of the two-year program is to provide enrichment opportunities for the students during their first year.  An example of this would be participation in the Judicial Experiential Learning Program that places students in judges’ chambers to observe the U.S. legal system firsthand.  Moreover, the Legal English courses will incorporate visits to legal institutions and meetings with practitioners that will enhance the classroom experience. 

Earning the LLM in U.S. Law permits WU law graduates to sit for several states’ bar examinations, including the New York State Bar Exam—the most popular bar among foreign lawyers.

This LLM program is an ideal environment for experienced attorneys and recent law graduates alike to pursue any of a number of significant professional and academic goals, such as:

  • Gaining practical and theoretical knowledge of U.S. and international law. 
  • Developing expertise in a specialized field of law. 
  • Strengthening your ability to represent clients who have business dealings in the U.S. or with U.S. companies and firms. 
  • Improving your representation of American clients who conduct business abroad. 
  • Building an international network of professional contacts. 
  • Refining your English skills and understanding of American culture.