Volume 30 (2009)

Washington University Journal of Law & Policy

Open Source and Proprietary Models of Innovation: Beyond Ideology

by Charles R. McManis
30 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 1 (2009)

Part I: Business, Law, and Engineering Perspectives on Open Source Innovation

Policy Challenges of Open, Cumulative, and User Innovation
by Joel West
30 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 17 (2009)

The Tools and Levers of Access to Patented Health Related Genetic Invention in Canada
by S. Tina Piper
30 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 43 (2009)

Contribution Attribution as the Possible Next Step for "Crowdsourced" Engineering Design and Product Development
by Mark J. Jakiela
30 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 79 (2009)

Part II: Open Source Biotechnology

Open Source Human Evolution
by Andrew W. Torrance
30 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 93 (2009)

Part III: Open Source and Proprietary Software Development

Conceiving Open Systems
by Christopher M. Kelty
30 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 139 (2009)

Slouching Toward Open Innovation: Free and Open Source Software for Electronic Health Information
by Greg R. Vetter
30 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 179 (2009)

Open Source License Proliferation: Helpful Diversity or Hopeless Confusion?
by Robert W. Gomulkiewicz
30 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 261 (2009)

Part IV: Collaborative Innovation, the Economics of Innovation, and Constructed Commons

The Collaborative Nature of Innovation
by Keith Sawyer
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 293 (2009)

Market Structure and Property Rights in Open Source Industries
by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 325 (2009)

The University as Constructed Cultural Commons
by Michael J. Madison, Brett M. Frischmann, and Katherine J. Strandburg
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 365 (2009)

The Interface of Open Source and Proprietary Agricultural Innovation: Facilitated Access and Benefit-Sharing Under the New FAO Treaty
by Charles R. McManis and Eul Soo Seo
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 405 (2009)

The FAO Multilateral System for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture: Better than Bilateralism?
by Muriel Lightbourne
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 465 (2009)


Attacking Without Provocation; Maintaining a Subsequent Occupation; All for the Sake of Democratization: The Constutitutionality and Wisdom of Preventive War and Post-Conflict Nation-Building
by Kevin Green
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 509 (2009)

Bored Out of Their Minds: The Detrimental Effects of No Child Left Behind on Gifted Children
by Elizabeth A. Siemer
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 539 (2009)

All Names Are Not Equal: Choice of Marital Surname and Equal Protection
by Kelly Snyder
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 561 (2009)

It Really Does Take a Village: Recognizing the Total Caregiving Network by Moving Toward a Functional Perspective in Family Law After Troxel v. Granville
by Lauren Worsek
30 WASH U. J.L. & POL'Y 589 (2009)

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