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Volume 14


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Justice, Ethics, and Interdisciplinary Teaching and Practice

Introduction Karen L. Tokarz   1

Interdisciplinary Teaching Collaboration in Higher Education:  A Concept Whose Time Has Come

Anita Weinberg
Carol Harding

Lawyers Should Be Lawyers, But What Does That Mean?: A Response to Aiken & Wizner and Smith

Katherine R. Kruse 49
Advancing Social Justice Through an Interdisciplinary Approach to Clinical Legal Education:  The Case of Legal Assistance of Windsor Rose Voyvodic
Mary Medcalf
Practicing Culturally Competent Therapeutic Jurisprudence: A Collaboration Between Social Work and Law  Carolyn Copps Hartley
Carrie J. Petrucci
A Law and Social Work Clinical Program for the Elderly and Disabled: Past and Future Challenges Toby Golick
Janet Lessem
Establishing a Law and Psychiatry Clinic Eric S. James
Maureen Hackett
Promoting Social and Economic Justice Through Interdisciplinary Work in Transactional Law Susan R. Jones 249

Mental Health and the Law

Introduction Robin Fretwell Wilson 315
The Ethical Perils of Representing the Juvenile Defendant Who May Be Incompetent Lynda E. Frost
Adrienne E. Volenik
The Impact of Substance Use Disorders on Women Involved in Dependency Court Holly A. Hills
Deborah Rugs
M. Scott Young
Capacity, Competency, and Courts: The Illinois Experience Wenona Y. Whitfield 385
Why It Is Essential to Teach About Mental Health Issues in Criminal Law (And a Primer on How To Do It) Richard E. Redding  407
Promises and Perils of a Psychopathology of Crime: The Troubling Case of Juvenile Psychopathy Matthew Owen Howard
James Herbert Williams
Michael George Vaughn
Tonya Edmond
The Privacy Implications of Personal Locators: Why You Should Think Twice Before Voluntarily Availing Yourself to GPS Monitoring Waseem Karim 485

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