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Volume 13

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Introduction Nancy Staudt   1

Frictions and Tax-Motivated Hedging: An Empirical Exploration of Publicly-Traded Exchangeable Securities

William M. Gentry
David M. Schizer

Fear and Greed in Tax Policy: A Qualitative Research Agenda

Christohper C. Fennell
Lee Anne Fennell
Contractual Compliance and The Federal Income Tax System John T. Scholz 139
Exploring the "Myth of Parity" in State Taxation: State Court Decisions Interpreting Public Law 860272 Bradley W. Joondeph 205
Local Controls of the Bureaucracy: Federal Appeals Courts, Ideology, and the Internal Revenue Service Robert M. Howard
David C. Nixon
Statutory Construction in Federal Appellate Tax Cases: The Effect of Judges' Social Background and of Other Aspects of Litigation Daniel M. Schneider 257
Judging Statutes: Thoughts on Statutory Interpretations and Notes for a Project on the Internal Revenue Code Lee Epstein
Nancy Staudt
Peter Wiedenbeck
Repressed Memories: Do Triggering Methods Contribute to Witness Testimony Reliability? Camille L. Fletcher 335
Elaborating on Sham Transactions as Evidence of Violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute Jeffrey Schwartz 357
New York Times Co., v. Tasini: A Rational United States Supreme Court Ruling on teh Rights of Freelance Authors? Mili Kamlesh Vakil 383
"Acts" Wound: Fair Use and Music Lovers vs. The Recording Industry Association of America's Secret Weapon Jeff York 399

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