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Volume 11

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Table of Contents

Promoting Justice Through Interdisciplinary Teaching,
Practice, and Scholarship

Introduction Karen Tokarz 1
Elucidating the Elephant: Interdisciplinary Law School Classes Kim Diana Connolly 11
Law as Social Work Jane Aiken
Stephen Wizner
The Difference in Criminal Defense and the Difference it Makes Abbe Smith 83
Mental Health Assessment of Minors in the Juvenile Justice System Curtis Heaston
Michael Jenuwine
Diane N. Walsh
Gene Griffin
Civil Orders for Protection: Freedom or Entrapment? Nina W. Tarr 157
An Examination of Transactional Law Clinics and Interdisciplinary Education Dina Schlossberg 195


Patient Advocates in Research: New Possibilities, New Problems

Rebecca Dresser 237


Regulating Legal Assistant Practice: A Proposal That Offers Something for Everyone Daniel R. Ray 249


The Latest Cybersquatting Trend: Typosquatters, Their Changing Tactics, and How To Prevent Public Deception and Trademark Infringement
Dara B. Gilwit 267
The Impact of Sturgis on Bargaining Power for Contingent Workers in the U.S. Labor Market Michael J. Hely 295
It's a Property Issue: The Proper Treatment of Contingent Fees Under the Federal Tax Code Karl Marschel 323
Carnivore: Is the Regulation of Wireless Technology a Legally Viable Option to Curtail the Growth of Cybercrime? Stephen W. Tountas 351

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