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Volume 10

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Access to Justice:
The Social Responsibility of Lawyers

Markets and Mindwork Derek C. Bok 1
Global Critical Race Feminism Post 9-11: Afghanistan Adrien Katherine Wing 19
When Litigation is Not the Only Way: Consensus Building and Mediation As Public Interest Lawyering Carrie Menkel-Meadow 37
Courting Disorder: Some Thoughts on Community Courts Anthony C. Thompson 63
Experimenting with Problem-Based Learning in Constitutional Law Barbara J. Flagg 101
Land-Use Law in the United States and Japan: A Fundamental Overview and Comparative Analysis Byron Shibata 161


Can Juries Really Believe What They See? New Foundational Requirements for the Authentication of Digital Images Jill Witkowski 267

Recent Development

Notice of Forfeiture to Incarcerated Individuals: Did the Supreme Court Get it Right in Dusenbery v. United States? Michelle Murphy-Riveria 295

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