Stephen H. Legomsky


Stephen H. Legomsky

John S. Lehmann University Professor


B.S. in Mathematics, 1969, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
J.D., 1977, University of San Diego
D. Phil., 1984, University of Oxford

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Phone: (314) 935-6469


Anheuser-Busch Hall, Room 560

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Immigration Law
Criminal Law
International Human Rights
International Criminal Law
International Legal Process


Professor Stephen H. Legomsky is an authority on U.S., comparative, and international immigration, refugee, and citizenship law and policy. He recently returned from a two-year leave of absence serving as Chief Counsel of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the immigration services agency in the Department of Homeland Security. He has testified before Congress many times and has served as a consultant to the transition teams of Presidents Clinton and Obama, the first President Bush’s Commissioner of Immigration, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, and several foreign governments, on immigration and refugee policies. His latest book, Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy (co-authored starting with the current fifth edition, and now in its sixth edition), has been the required text at 183 law schools since its inception. His other books, published by the Oxford University Press, include Immigration and the Judiciary – Law and Politics in Britain and America, and Specialized Justice. Professor Legomsky is the founding director of the law school’s Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute. A former actuary, he graduated first in his class at the University of San Diego School of Law (Day Division) before earning the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford University. He clerked for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and headed a division of the Ninth Circuit central legal staff. He has won several awards, including the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s annual award, given to one immigration law professor in the United States, and Washington University’s Arthur Holly Compton Award, given annually to one university faculty member for career accomplishments. A member of the American Law Institute, he founded and chaired the Immigration Law Section of the Association of American Law Schools and has chaired the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Law Professor’s Committee and the Refugee Committee of the American Branch of the International Law Association. Professor Legomsky has been appointed to visiting positions at Oxford University, Cambridge University, and other universities in the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Suriname, Singapore, Israel, and Portugal.