Clinics and Programs

Clinical Education Program

Washington University School of Law is committed to educating tomorrow's leaders by providing our students with the best legal education. Our award-winning Clinical Education Program, which U.S. News and World Report ranked fourth in the nation in 2007, provides students opportunities to learn professional skills and values by working in the real world with clients, attorneys, judges, and legislators.
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For information about our upcoming 9th Annual Access to Equal Justice Colloquium  visit the conference site.

Through our program, law students assist indigent and low-income clients with domestic violence, homelessness, civil rights, environmental, community health, criminal defense, and intellectual property cases, working with the state and federal courts, congressional committees, and federal agencies. With nine clinics, including one based in Washington, D.C., our students have unparalleled opportunities to hone their skills as future practitioners. Detailed information is available in our Clinical website.

Trial and Advocacy Program

Ranked third in the nation by U.S. News and World Report in 2007, Washington University has one of the most comprehensive and successful trial and oral advocacy programs in the country. With over 400 participants each year, virtually every School of Law graduate participates in one or more of the trial and advocacy courses or student lawyering skills competitions. Detailed information is available in the TAP website.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

Washington University's innovative Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program prepares our graduates as advocates, counselors, problem solvers, negotiators, mediators, arbitrators, and policymakers. The ADR Program offers a range of courses and lawyering skills competitions for law students, and ADR seminars, speakers, and training programs for students, lawyers, and members of the community. Detailed information is available in the ADR website.

Public Service Scholarships and Stipends

Washington University has a longstanding commitment to public service.  It is our goal to prepare students to be competent, ehtical lawyers, who will contribute to a more just society through service to the profession and the community.  The School of Law has developed a comprehensive public interest program including clinics, scholarships, public service stipends, and other public service-related initiatives.  Detailed information is available in the Public Service website.