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Unlike the United States , the People's Republic of China does not have a government printing office or a depository library system to disseminate government information. Fortunately, due to the development of the Internet, more and more Chinese government information can be obtained. The following is a list of popular Internet portals to Chinese government websites or websites providing Chinese government information. 

I. In English is the English portable of the central Chinese governmentí»s website, which leads to the information and websites of all branches of Chinese government and their subordinate agencies.

 Xinhua (New Chinese) News Agency at

Xinhua News Agency is the biggest Chinese official news agency. It also provides a searchable database to various Chinese government and economic information at

Official Statistics at

This is the English website of the National Bureau of Statistics of China. A good site to look for official statistics.

Yahoo's Chinese Government Directory at

This is a good starting point if you like to use Yahoo but not very comprehensive.

Government on the Web at

This is an American website that provides links to a list of major Chinese government agencies.


II. In Chinese at is sponsored by the Peking University Law School and provides a most comprehensive and up-to-day database to Chinese laws and administrative regulations as well as central and local government rules and circulars.'s Chinese Government Directory at

Sohu is one of most popular Chinese Internet searching engine. This directory list some important Chinese government agencies websites and websites discussing the Chinese government efforts to provide government information on the Internet.

Chinese Government

Links to Chinese central government agencies websites are provided by the State Information Center of the PRC.

China Economic Information Network at

This website provides the most comprehensive information about Chinese economy and is hosted by the State Information Center of the PRC.

Chinese Government Websites Searching Engine at

The most comprehensive web searching engine to search the central and local Chinese government information.

Xinhu News Agency's Government Bulletin at

This website publicizes policies and announcements issued by the Chinese central government and its agencies.

People's Daily: Local Government Directory at

This website collects and publishes Chinese local government information including various provincial registers.

The Information of the National People's Congress at

The most comprehensive information about the Chinese congress, co-sponsored by the People's Daily and the National People's Congress.

The State Council of the PRC at

This website provides a list of the ministries and other agencies under the State Council of the PRC with links.

The Supreme People's Court at

This website provides the information about the structure of the Chinese judicial system, most recent judicial interpretations, judgments, and some important cases.

National Bureau of Statistics of China at

This website provides various official statistics.

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