Faculty and Staff

Gerrit De Geest

Director - Gerrit De Geest, Professor of Law

Gerrit De Geest specializes in law and economics, and comparative law. Past president of the European Association of Law and Economics, he is a founding editor of the Review of Law and Economics and consultant editor of the European Review of Contract Law. He has published numerous books and articles in the fields of economic analysis of contract law, tort law, and comparative law.

Affiliated Faculty

Scott Baker

Scott Baker
Professor Scott Baker is a prolific and widely-respected law and economics scholar. His research interests lie at the intersection of law, economics, and game theory. He tackles a wide range of topics from judicial performance to the structure of law firms to problems in patent law. His co-authored works have appeared in the Journal of Law and Economics and Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, as well as numerous other law reviews.

Kevin Collins

Kevin Collins
Professor Kevin Emerson Collins is a well known patent scholar who frequently uses an interdisciplinary lens to shed new light on patent law. Professor Collins speaks at intellectual property conferences, panels, and workshops across the United States and overseas, and he teaches lecture classes and seminars that span the intellectual-property spectrum. A licensed architect, Professor Collins is also interested in pioneering the field of “law and architecture”—the study of how the built environment (“architecture”) affects individual and group behavior and how, in turn, law might opt to regulate the construction of the built environment to harness its behavior-sculpting capacity—in the legal academy.

John Drobak

John Drobak
Professor John N. Drobak is an expert in antitrust, economic regulation, and law and economics. A pioneer in interdisciplinary education and scholarship, he is a past director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (now the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Work and Social Capital). A co-founder of the International Society for New Institutional Economics, Professor Drobak has written extensively on such diverse topics as the constitutional limits on utility rate-making, rent control and other types of price regulation, the Supreme Court’s role in the creation of a national commercial law in the 19th century, cognitive science perspective on legal incentives and judicial decision-making, and the new institutional economics.

Adam Rosenzweig

Adam Rozensweig
Professor Adam H. Rosenzweig concentrates his research and teaching in the area of tax law and policy. An expert in international and federal income tax law with an LL.M. in taxation, he is the co-author of a casebook on federal income taxation, now in its seventh edition. His other publications have appeared in law journals and reviews on legal issues ranging from the hidden costs of a modern income tax to harnessing the costs of international tax arbitrage. In addition to his teaching and writing, Professor Rosenzweig is a frequent speaker throughout the country, presenting such topics as tax havens; carried interests; taxing offshore investment funds; and taxation of derivatives.

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