Transfer Credit

The Washington University School of Law only reviews transfer applications for fall semester admission. Qualified transfer applicants (as determined by the admissions committee) who have completed one year at an ABA-accredited law school are admitted to the second year class on a space available basis. The School of Law will accept for transfer a maximum of 30 semester hours earned at a student's previous institution (the number of semester hours earned by our first-year day students). A minimum of 22 credits is required for transfer. Credit is not usually granted for law school courses beyond the first year. The School of Law will accept the credit hours from other ABA accredited law schools as described above but not the associated grades.

Credits for courses completed at another approved law school are evaluated on an individual basis for possible transfer into the School of Law by the Associate Dean of Student Services.  Only courses completed with a grade of C or better are transferable.  No course completed at another institution in which a grade of less than C was earned will be taken into account in calculating residence credit.  The School of Law makes no claim or guarantee that credit earned will transfer to another institution. 

Articulation Agreements
The School of Law currently does not have specific articulation agreements with any other law schools. 

Transfer Eligibility for Law School Honors and Awards
The cumulative GPA earned at the School of Law will serve as the basis of eligibility for all School of Law awards and honors. 


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