Innovative First-Year Negotiation Course and Robust Upper-Level ADR Curriculum

Washington University School of Law’s Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Program’s curriculum is among the strongest in the country. Washington University is one of the few schools in the nation to provide an introductory Negotiation course for all law students.
This first-year Negotiation course, offered during intersession, lays the foundation for learning in upper-level negotiation and dispute resolution courses and in doctrinal courses. Pretrial Practice & Settlement—which introduces students to interviewing, counseling, and negotiation in the context of pleadings, discovery, motion practice, and settlement—has been one of the most popular courses in the upper-class curriculum for more than three decades. The law school currently offers 14 sections per year. Among recent graduates, 90% took more than one upper-level ADR course, 60% took two or more upper-level ADR courses, 30% took three or more upper-level ADR courses, and 10% took four or more upper-level ADR courses. The current curriculum includes the following courses:

Introductory ADR Courses  

  • Negotiation—7-8 sections/year
  • Introduction to U.S. & Comparative ADR Processes—2 sections/year

ADR Theory & Practice Courses  

  • Pretrial Practice & Settlement—14 sections/year
  • Mediation Theory & Practice—7 sections/year
  • Family Mediation Theory & Practice
  • Negotiation Theory & Practice
  • Business Negotiation Theory & Practice— 2 sections/year
  • Business Planning & Drafting: Fundamentals of M&A Transactions
  • Arbitration Theory & Practice
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Securities Law: Litigation & Arbitration
  • Sports Law: Planning, Drafting & Negotiation
  • Entertainment Law: Planning, Drafting & Negotiation

Capstone ADR Courses  

  • Civil Rights, Community Justice & Mediation Clinic—2 sections/year
  • Advanced Mediation & ADR Processes
  • International Justice & Conflict Resolution Field Placement—2 sections/year
  • Advanced Negotiation Theory Seminar
  • Game Theory & the Law Seminar
  • ABA Negotiation Competition
  • ABA Representation in Mediation Competition